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The Bachelor-General Law program, offered by the Faculty of Law at the University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren (UUHP), aims theoretical and practical training of students, through professional legal education contributing to the further development of the judicial, scientific and professional system in our country and beyond.

The main areas of study and research included in this program are related to constitutional law, administrative law, criminal and criminal procedure law, civil law and civil procedure law, commercial law, contract law as well as International Law and European Law. During the study period, the studies are theoretical, but the faculty also offers a legal clinic within the Bachelor’s study program. Students are also enabled to materialize their theoretical knowledge through practice in institutions of the justice system and other central and local institutions.

The study program is designed under European standards of higher education. Undergraduate studies provide basic knowledge of general scientific methods and principles and specific skills in a wide variety of professions and specialties. Studies in this cycle are realizedn with 240 credits and their normal duration is 4 (four) years.

The bachelor’s study program aims to prepare students with knowledge and skills towards a profession or professional license; with basic training for research work as well as general training for the labor market.

The objectives of this program consist in the acquisition of professional knowledge which is achieved through general basic education for the formation of students as future professionals to practice their activity within the judicial system as lawyer, notary, enforcement agent, prosecutor, judge, etc.

The bachelor program offers opportunities to concretize theoretical knowledge through clinical legal courses which are part of the curriculum and are lectured and demonstrated through practical case simulations by law experts in collaboration with students. Knowledge and experience gained from these courses are included in the ECTS credits.

This part of the theoretical and practical teaching is implemented by the faculty through the organization of case simulations and the direct participation of students in the institutions of the justice system, which are regulated through memoranda with relevant institutions.

The Faculty of Law at UUHP has international cooperation as one of its priorities in its development agenda. In this context, the model used for the development of this Program has been the Curricula of the Faculty of Law at the Universities of Graz, Tübingen, and Heidelberg.

Possibilities of the concrete implementation of international cooperation, e.g. through the exchange of visiting professors will be further elaborated at later stages.

In the framework of the cooperation agreements between the University of Prizren and other universities, it is intended to find respective partners of the Faculty of Law of UUHP.