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Psychological Counseling

Student Psychological and Counseling Services

 The main purpose of the psychological service is to promote the mental and physical well-being of students and facilitate the learning process. The psychologist, in cooperation with the University staff and students, plans and implements services that enable the academic, professional, social and personal development of students. The Office for Psychological and Counseling Services of Students, in cooperation with the academic staff of the Faculties of “Ukshin Hoti” University in Prizren, the Career Center and the Student Parliament every year organize and mark activities and lectures on the occasion of days such as:

  • March 21, World Dawn Syndrome Day
  •  April 2, World Autism Day
  • May 15, International Family Day
  • October 10, International Mental Health Day
  • December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, etc.

Since the operationalization of this office is in its early stages, in the future it is planned to carry out other activities and events with current topics about the care and importance of mental health, difficulties and disorders in learning, support and motivation of students, stress management, informing about the prevention of various problems that students may face, raising the awareness of students to seek help from psychological services in case they need it, etc.

The psychological service at our University is offered free of charge to all students and staff. If you are interested in psychological consultations, you can contact psychologist Pranvera Jetishi Çollaku (second floor of the Faculty of Education, Office 137) and schedule your appointment. She is engaged by decision of the Governing Council to serve you with psychological advice.

In the framework of this psychological service at “Ukshin Hoti” University, we are not able to offer support for long-term conditions or in case of a crisis situation. For this reason, we recommend you to visit the Mental Health Center in Prizren, which is located just a few meters from the University Campus. Also, this institution is a professional public institution that offers free services: Address: QSHM Rr. Xhevat Berisha P.N

Phone 029/623-760 623-931 Phone/fax-029623931 Working hours: Monday-Friday 7.00-15.00

We aim to support as many students as we can.